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Camera Training Wakefield

Back in the early days when I first picked a camera up, I really was blagging it! But that was OK, the pictures were just for me to keep as memories. Had there been photography training in Wakefield, or a photography workshop in Yorkshire, I would have been there!

Now I am a full-time photographer and have photographed well in excess of 350 weddings. So you could say I have moved along a bit.

DSLR cameras are quite daunting! Compared to everyone’s everyday camera (mobile phone) DSLR cameras have a lot of buttons and dials. My training days are fun, simple and I promise at the end you will feel far better equipped to go off and start capturing memories.

The camera training will be basic level stuff, explaining how cameras work, using all the different dials and what you can achieve with these dials! It will have nothing to do with weddings, the business side of things, just bog standard “lets talk about it, and then go do it’ type of photography training. Oh, and of course with everything I do, the photography workshops will be a lot of fun!

Shooting & Introduction To Lightroom

At present, due to the ongoing pandemic, group sessions cannot go ahead. Therefore we have been delivering several 1 to 1 training sessions enabling photographers to understand and take more control of their images.

A 1 to 1 training session lasts for 2 hours and if time permits includes a brief introduction to image editing

Cost £100

Wednesday 25th September

Location: Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield
Time: 1700-2200
Cost: £95 incl. food whilst we edit
8 attendees maximum.

“I had a one to one day  with Matt and he showed me all the ins and outs of my DSLR. Since my photography has developed more than I ever thought it would. He stepped away from the jargon and spoke to me in simple terms that everyone could understand”