I met Kirsty and PJ a while back when they were looking for a Wakefield wedding photographer. A quick 30 minute meeting turned into a 2 hour chat and giggle. 2 hours later they were in the diary and we were really looking forward to their day!

Their chosen venue was Hotel St Pierre which sits on the outskirts of Newmiller Dam. Now although Hotel Saint Pierre is quite restricted for wedding photographs, I work very closely with the wedding co-ordinator at Hotel Saint Pierre in order that we get 45 mins to jump in the car to head to Newmiller dam.

Being a Wakefield wedding photographer, I know Newmiller Dam really well. Its a place I take my children for those lazy weekend strolls, in fact in the case of Kirsty and PJ I went a few days before in order for me to find the places where the bluebells had flowered.

On the day itself, we were away from Hotel Saint Pierre for only 45 minutes, which meant they spent lots of times with their guests, but also got amazing wedding photographs at Newmiller Dam

Their wedding day at Hotel St Pierre was a fantastic one. Lots of fun and laughter and I am really pleased that they chose me to capture their day.

Kirsty and PJ have since left an amazing review on my FB page, and also the manager of Hotel St Pierre has requested a meeting with me as they would like to recommend me as Hotel Saint Pierre wedding photographer