Equipment For Wedding Photography

Following on from a post on my Facebook page which was two photos of my first camera and then the pile of stuff I now carry, I received a few questions and requests for opinions. So figured I may as well create a post about it. I didn’t realise so many photographers actually followed me,  its actually really nice to know!


I carry two  Nikon D850’s and also a D750 as a spare. Last year I was carrying four bodies however retired one 750 last year. 850’s image wise are absolutely outstanding, the ability to stretch in processing is also unbelievable. A 750 remains as ISO capabilities are unbelievable. The 750 will come out at the really dark venues, absolutely no issues shooting it at ISO5000. Coupled with a prime lens, dark churches aren’t the challenge you think they are when you walk through the door and start looking for the light switches.

Starting professionally on Nikon, I have built up a range of lenses. That is one of the main reasons I have resisted the urge to go Sony. I totally see the appeal of mirrorless, however the initial outlay to make the change would be around £9000. I really am a big believer in making my business reward me and my family so I simply do not have that amount of money sat around.

I will however watch Nikon’s progress in the market and a gradual change to mirrorless may happen in the next 12-18 months if they bring out something that fits my need. At present their single slot offerings is simply something I am not going to risk in wedding photography. Who would???


16-35 f4

Used predominantly for landscape, however will come out of the bag at venues for those requiring really wide shots

24-120 f4

Always surprises photographers when I tell them I go for this over 24-70 f2.8 At weddings you simply cannot be everywhere, so the extra 50mm is far preferred to the extra stop of light. This generally sits on the camera most of the wedding day to enable me to grab as much as I can.

70-200 F2.8

Generally a lens my assistant uses all day. It allows them to shoot from afar, whilst I am in the thick of things with the 24-120. As a side note, this will be my preferred lens at post lockdown weddings.

35mm f1.4

Would only really be used in portraits, darker churches or during speeches where lots of movement is achievable

85 f1.4

One of the sharpest lenses ever! Should be for the price. Again, only really used for portraits and where movement isn’t an issue. I really really should use this more often


I use pixapro flash. 4 x 580ii, 1 x Pika200 and also Hybrid360. Thats a hell of a lot of flash power. I haven’t used it all in one go yet, but never say never!!!! The 360 and 200 only really come out in bright conditions. I push my flashes to the limit so always have spares in case they start popping which has happened at weddings. Also when shooting destination weddings they overheat very very quickly.

Flash modifiers I use MagMod. The best there is in my opinion. The magnets are mega strong, I have driven home with a flash stuck to the side of the car on one occasion!! Luckily just down the road from me. I own more or less every modifier they produce and are one of the most important investments.

One important thing I will add, great gear doesn’t make you a great photographer. It makes you more reliable and sometimes the limits are just a bit further, but its how you use it that makes you achieve things.


As always, happy for anyone to ask any questions, feel free to email, pm through FB page or contact me here


Stay Safe