Who Is Matt Nicholls Photography

matt nicholls

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer of The Year 2016,2019,2022 & 2024

‘Its no wonder Matt is fully booked year in year out, wins what he wins and is in high demand with popular wedding venues. His images are fantastic and he has a personality that makes everyone, from kids through to grandparents, feel so comfortable and energised whilst being photographed. A genuine peoples person, and that cannot be learnt’   

It’s amazing how things work out really – for 14 years as a Prison Officer I really didn’t have the most glamorous job! Having worked at 3 of the toughest prisons in the UK, wedding photography wasn’t on my radar! Shooting a friends wedding which is often the start, was indeed the start for me. 2 years later I was Yorkshire Wedding Photographer of the Year 2016, 6 months later I was a full time wedding photographer which is a rarity these days. Most are photographers alongside other jobs.

So many photographers describe themselves as award winning, and I am sure they are. But is that because they won image of the week once back in 2018? Or have they won bigger awards such as Wedding Photographer of The Year? I say this because to win annual awards, it shows you are delivering consistently to high standards

I am lucky that people love what I do and how I do it and so I continue to commit all my working energy into wedding photography

It was obvious from early on, that people loved what we did and how we did it!  It was around my 10th wedding when a couple described me as ‘Being like having one of your guests having a camera, but knows how to use it’. Within 2 years Matt Nicholls Photography had won wedding photographer of the Year 2016 and the rest is history! When I started in 2015 I really broke the mould of how wedding photographers worked and peoples perception of them. I dont stand on the outside shooting in, I am in there getting all the amazing reactions and goings on. I dont stand there dictating to people. I want them to be comfortable, so they look comfortable in their photos. I have a laugh with the guys (ex Prison Officer so I can take the banter) but remain polite and respectful to all your guests. I dont force kids to have their photos taken. I have ways to ensure they will have fun whilst I take their photos. I get down to their level (not far as I am short) rather than standing over them. These core principles are the foundations on why I shoot 80+ weddings year in year out and no doubt why I win awards.

A wedding co ordinator in my early days said ‘Matt, I see a lot of photographers,  you are going to be so popular. You take great photos and have the perfect personality and people skills’

Winning the I DO Yorkshire wedding photographer of the year 2016, 2019,2022 & 2024 are huge achievements for me, as they were voted for by the Brides and Grooms themselves. Voted for by those who have experienced my way of photographing their wedding and have received the finished product.

It is a great honour also to have been asked to be the recommended wedding photographer at Waterton Park Hotel, Oulton Hall, and Peckforton Castle. 3 hugely popular wedding venues

Many Brides and Grooms tell me that they are really anxious about having their photos taken, but after the day they will then tell me that one of their favourite parts of the day was when we went away from the wedding party for pictures. My approach really works, we keep it simple and fun. No unnatural posing or anything over the top. I will not pose you too much at all, I feel if you’re together, and you’re comfortable, the shot will be great. If we start twisting and bending too much it really doesn’t work and looks awkward. For group photos, I like this to be slick and quick. So you can get back to having fun with your guests.

Take a look for yourselves by checking out my Facebook, Instagram, and BrideBook reviews and also the testimonial section of my website. Your wedding photos last forever, pick a photographer whose work you can see yourself in, and also someone with whom you will feel comfortable with. After all, you are giving them the best seat in the house for your big day!

Most couples text me the day after their big day to say thanks and more often than not to tell me that a lot of the guests spoke about us at breakfast. How cool is that?

“I cant imagine doing any other job, I get the best seat in the house to capture a couples most important moments. I get huge amounts of pride knowing that those moments have been frozen in time forever for them.”

– Matt Nicholls