Becky & Alex In Tuscany, Italy

When Alex and Becky asked if I would be their Tuscany Wedding Photographer, first thoughts were hell yes!!! After checking flight availability and also timings in order to get back in good time for other weddings, we were confirmed and in the diary.

Shooting weddings abroad is a difficult task,  not only the heat to contend with, but the very very bright conditions. Controlling the light and lots of flash are the main elements to being a destination wedding photographer.

To hire me as your Destination Wedding Photographer, if the date and flights are right, you will be surprised at what deal I can put together. On this occasion shooting for half the cost that others had quoted!!

After flying to Bologna with Ryanair, I made my way through the Tuscan Countryside to the medieval town of Certaldo. All the time resisting the urge to dive out of the car with the camera. Having never been to Italy, its certainly somewhere I am very very likely to return to with the family. I stayed within the old castle walls in a very rustic hotel called Hotel Il Castillo. Very very nice!!

Becky and Alex had organised their wedding with Infinity Weddings.

I met up with Becky and Alex briefly the night before to get a brief run down of the day. Followed by a Calzone and Peroni!!

The day started at Hotel Certaldo for preparations with the girls. Dan Wood was taking care of the make up and Pamela Leti the hair. Nice view to look out to whilst getting ready for your big day!!

Becky had got her stunning dress from Elegance of Scholes, who had unfortunately gone into administration. However Becky has said that Debbie at Paradise Grove was a life saver in carrying out the alterations required. Well done and thank you Debbie.

Gino, Beckys Dad had a very proud moment seeing his daughter good to go on her wedding day. Always a lovely moment that I like to set up. Being a father to a daughter myself, I absolutely appreciate how big a moment that is!

Then I was on my way to the town hall to catch up with the boys and the rest of the wedding party. By now the temperature had passed 30, I had entered melt mode and A/C was on full blizzard in the car

Alex was looking sharp in his new Ray Ban’s given to him Becky as a wedding present.

So it was ceremony time as Becky made her way through the little streets of Certaldo Alto. All the guests were seated and eagerly awaiting her arrival. The ceremony was carried out in both English and Italian. Following the ceremony we had some quick photos outside the town hall before heading to the Villa for party time!!

Now when I said villa, I actually mean, a huuuuuge villa!! It goes by the name of Villa Belsole. I believe it slept around 20 people, and had breathtaking views over the chianti hills.

Whilst getting around taking pictures, I regularly caught up with Becky under an air-conditioning unit hahaha!!

Speeches took place inside, and there was a great mix of humor and emotion. Adam, Alex’s brother getting emotional when talking about his brother/best mate. Also Adam, great work on the bridal bouquet. Becky mentioned that you and her made them together. Gino delivered a great speech about his daughter, lots of wit, good humour and also sentiment. Top man!!

As the sun started to get a bit lower, I started to get pics of Becky and Alex, we had agreed as a team that their photo session would be around 1900 as the heat was more bearable. But it didnt stop us getting these shots. Meanwhile the guests started to party.

Absolutely love Becky in the bridal portrait below.

OK, so for the Bride and Groom pics, I really wanted to give variety to them, so we did some countryside, followed by inside the castle walls and finishing with sunset again in the countryside. It really did work and they have got a brilliant set of images. Truly deserved for putting on the effort and breaking away from the party for 45 minutes or so.

All that was left to do was to spray some champagne!!!! (a shot everyone wants me to take) Becky wanted a go, but Alex got carried away and left her to squirt the dregs out of the bottom!!

Guys it was an absolute pleasure collecting memories for you in such a stunning setting. The photos are well worthall the sweating and being bitten 54 times. Yes Mrs Nicholls counted them all!