Wakefield wedding venue Bagden Hall and Wakefield wedding photographer Matt Nicholls Photography.

Bagden Hall was the venue for Laura and Josh. Bagden Hall is local to me, but surprisingly this was my first visit. Strange to say I have photographed more weddings in Italy than I have at Bagden Hall!!

A Victorian country house hotel, set in acres of grounds, Bagden Hall is a great choice for your wedding day.

Laura and Josh had been in the diary for some time! When we met, we immediately hit it off and was apparent that their day was going to be full of fun and laughter.

Now the day itself was stifling hot with wall to wall sunshine. On such days, I always suggest we do the Bride and Groom photos later in the day. There are many reasons for this, first of all the light is softer and a lot kinder, but most importantly, the Bride and Groom will be more comfortable and less likely to appear shiny in their photos due to the heat. Laura and Josh completely agreed with this.

Hot sunny days really do show how skilful your photographer is. I always say anyone can take pictures in flat soft diffused light, but the test of great photographers is how they can manage in 2 conditions- firstly bright sunshine, and also in the dark. These are things you should consider with potential photographers when booking your wedding photographer

The day was an absolute blast, we even got a mention in the speeches- cheers Josh! And Lauras speech was a beauty!! I almost shed a tear myself!

It was an absolute pleasure to be in amongst them and all their guests.