Coping With COVID-19 At MNP

I am writing this whilst trying to protect myself whilst the kids wrestle and are trying to get cheap shots on to me (all will be revealed below) so  it may not flow very well and also may be a bit all over the place with a few spelling mistakes

There isn’t a single person in this world who hasn’t been affected by the damn Covid-19. This isn’t a post where I am looking for sympathy being self employed, but just to show and tell how we have been coping here. Everyone who knows me, knows how thankful I am of those people who serve our country so Ill take this chance to give my thanks.

But I also want to raise the awareness of some brave people who are key workers, but are working out of the public eye. Prison Officers, I salute you guys. Had I not found a camera back in 2012, I would still be with you. Go steady!!!


The first week was pretty intense, as we were at the ‘Is it or isn’t it going to go ahead’ stage. All we did was to reassure, that if the wedding went ahead, we would be there. It was also at this point myself and a few other photographers got our heads together to create a support network whereby we could help each other out to cover weddings we couldn’t attend therefore avoiding leaving a Bride and Groom without a photographer.

As it turns out, the last wedding I photographed was on the 3rd of March. I have photographed 12 weddings so far this year as it stands, I took on more work through January despite traditionally taking all of it off, so financially, when the crunch came, we weren’t sinking.

Once initial concerns were dealt with, we (Myself and Mrs MNP) opened 2021 diary. As its a big year for me (big 4 0), several weeks had been blocked out for this reason. Knowing we had a lot of rescheduling to do, these weeks were then released so they could be used for those pushing their weddings back to next year.

We are also waiting on the Governments assistance for self employed which isn’t coming until June. There have been a few couples who have written to me insisting that they pay their balance now, despite being due later in the year as they guessed my cash flow situation wasn’t likely to be very healthy. How unbelievably amazing is that!?!?!?

We have had one instance where pretty much the opposite has happened, but I won’t go into too much detail and the sooner that is forgotten about the better.