My Advice For Winter Weddings

Winter weddings do provide some challenges, but I would just like to offer a couple of bits of advice for you couples who really want that magical winter wedding. We shot 8 weddings through December alone and so you may find some of the following useful.

Firstly, book your ceremony as early as possible!! The chance of good weather is dramatically reduced in winter. So give yourselves a big chance to get outside in a window of good weather. If you get married at 2pm, that gives a photographer 90 minutes to be able to get you outside. On the flip side, getting married at 12 and you get a 210 minute window to take any breaks in the weather if its raining!!!

Depending on your dress, wear flats or even wellies for the photos!!!!! Unless its a very frosty day, heels will sink as the ground will be soft. Alternatively a quick search for heel stoppers to stop that sinking. Also pack some baby wipes to wipe off the mud once you’re back inside.

Dont be afraid of the rain! I carry a couple of bridal brollies. Photographs in the rain do offer that magical look to them, especially after dark!  Im willing to get the expensive cameras wet if you’re willing to go for it. They’re not designed to get wet, but Im willing to take the chance if you are!

Get the cavalry on board! I have a tried and tested technique of manoeuvring brides around which really does minimise your dress getting dirty. There will be some on your dress, thats for sure. Me and my Wife were married in Santorini in September, and she got a lot on her dress. Thats just the way it is. But the way we move you around the venues grounds will ensure you get very minimal dirt on the dress. I always say get 2 of your guests to help us with this, we are a team of 2 which means one can help and the other carries the equipment.

Lastly, be brave!!! You get one shot on your wedding day to grab those outdoor photos. Unlike summer where we can delay till 9pm latest. If you get the chance to head out and go for it!! You will be so relieved you did when you get your photos! Ive only ever had 2 brides not want to go outside, and they regretted it after the day.

Have a quick look at some of the winter/rainy photos on this website in the blog/portfolio section. The couples got fantastic photos as they were brave and trusted me with the dress.

Dont get me wrong, I get filthy, but what’s new hahaha!

Hope this helps