Should you have a ‘wireless’ wedding?

Before we start, none of the images on this blog were taking by MNP!!!

Lots of people who I have bumped into over the past few weeks told me that they really enjoyed the last blog, and have asked for more opinions on how we see things. After all, a photographer is with you all day and pretty much sees everything. There will be more blogs to follow on other things weddingy, but for today, I am focussing on a question I do often get asked, and also an issue that some photographers moan about in the ‘underworld’

Should I let my guests have their mobile phones at my wedding?

Now my answer to that is pretty simple- Its your day, do whatever you want, your nearest and dearest will respect your wishes.

But on the flip side, I am more than happy to tell you how I see it personally, not just as a photographer, but as a person.

First up, photos are there for memories. To capture the moments, creating your legacy if you like? Obviously I love taking photos and most importantly handing over a lifetime of memories that will out live all of us. But, on occasion guests with cameras/phones etc can get in the way and/or spoil a bloody good picture.

So why should it be any different for your guests to do that for you? Whilst at weddings, when people ask if they can dive in and grab a photo I have set up, I always say of course, go for it, were all here to create memories. Now if were against the clock, or if I have just about managed to get the 2 year old flower girl onside and Im taking beautiful shots of her, id rather just have the scene to myself so I can maximise what I am doing. Photographing kids is hard enough, but I think I am pretty good at it. I haven’t failed yet grabbing some awesome shots that parents adore and have the photo hanging on the wall in their house. Photographing kids is hard when there are loads of familiar faces behind me pointing cameras at them and calling their name. They are going to be far more inclined to look at familiar faces then they are me. But again, your guests want to get those photos too! I complete understand that and would never be rude to someone by telling them to go away. I would probably get them to help me so they can be in the moment with us, and also try keep the distraction to an absolute minimum.

Whilst I am away photographing bride and groom, if you haven’t booked a second photographer, those guests with their phones/cameras or whatever tech they have, will be grabbing moments for you. OK, they may not go on the wall, or in your album, but they are memories that you can keep to look back on in years to come.

So as you can tell I absolutely get both sides of the coin with this issue. The only time I would say to have no phones would be during the ceremony. You have asked them to witness you getting married! Not to watch the back of their phones. OK, They can get in the way of me, but I have 2 feet so can work another angle. I would rather not have to, but again, guests want their memories too! The reason for me to say this is for the bride. Before I head into the ceremony room to join the groom at the front, I always always have a little chat with the bride. I completely get that she is very very nervous, and all I say is, everyone is here for you. Look out for those happy faces of friends and family and flash them your amazing smile. Unfortunately that is not possible if they have their phones or iPads in front of their faces thus missing what could be a lovely soothing mutual smile!!! And not to mention to the guests, watch your bride walk down the aisle, not the screen on your phone!

Anyway…….. as always this is only my opinion, do whatever you want to do on one of the biggest days of your lives! Us photographers will work around your choices, and Im pretty sure your guests will too!! Those who know me and have experienced the MNP way, will be aware that I love to engage with all your guests and will always afford them opportunities to grab what they can.

Have a great day